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IMPORTANT NOTE: We know that you -- as a well-informed consumer – are reviewing the following information before booking. Additionally, we are aware that this information may differ from other travel companies; this is because the experience that is being curated for you is one of a kind and therefore requires a different level of responsibility from the consumer.

Cancelation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your participation in Travel Leisure Consultant (TLC)at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy:
It is an extraordinary commitment to bring this one of a kind immersive experience to our guests and, therefore ALL payments are non-refundable, including registration fees, late fees, full payments and installment payments. The ONLY exception to this policy is if TLC must be cancelled in its entirety for any reason in which case TLC will notify all parties via email and provide refund instructions.

Unforeseen situations may present themselves to our guests and for those circumstances, situations and occasions we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance to cover your assets.

Why is my payment non-refundable?

Our vendor(s) -- hotels, guest speakers, excursion companies, etc. --
require upfront commitments that we must adhere to. When we offer a
package to you we have to ensure, through good-faith payments, that
you will attend the events. This is the only way our vendors will take us
seriously and will want to help us provide the best experiences possible
to our TLC guests.



All chargeback notifications received via your bank will be considered
cancellation of your TLC reservation. All documentation, including
confirmation of receipt all of travel policies; agreement signatures will

be provided to the banking institution as confirmation of payment
application according to all agreed upon terms.

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