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Why work from home; when you can work from the beach? Benefits of Working Outside of the Office

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As the world begins to return to its pre-pandemic days, many are forced to choose between returning to the office and their workspace freedom. However, that conversation is not limited to employees.

After a year of travel lockdowns, countless self-care and mental health discussions, and new stresses for small business owners, entrepreneurs are partaking in the conversation of working outside of the traditional office space as well. But what does that conversation look like for an entrepreneur?

Here are two reasons you should consider working out of your typical office space as an entrepreneur:


When we step out of our comfort zone, we are exposed to a whole new world. Working outside of your usual workspace exposes you to new ways of life, ideas, and cultures.

While an office space filled with different personalities can reveal other perspectives, often, people still remain stagnant in their thought process because there are limits in the office. Office politics often dictate those limits, people coming from the same socioeconomic and/or racial background, and the inability to have honest conversations in the workplace.

Don’t limit yourself by working at home or your local coffee shop; explore working from new cities and even new countries. Submerging yourself within new surroundings can trigger motivation by the working people around you, inspiration influenced by the culture, and even empower you as you are forced to adjust to a new environment.

Traveling as an entrepreneur may sound counterproductive when your mindset is to grind daily. But often, that sense of daily grind leads to burnout. Your mental and physical health is another reason to consider working from somewhere more scenic.


Mental health in relation to working in an office has been a frequent topic of discussion this year, especially with many returning to work just as summer begins.

As an entrepreneur, you often have more flexibility to work from home; however, that doesn’t make you immune to the pitfalls of working in an office space. While you are consumed with work within the confines of your home office, it is easy to overlook the initial decline in your mental and physical health.

Long hours in the office can lead to depression, poor eating habits, and increased stress as your life feels reduced to the space in which you work. But there are plenty of options to improve your work situation and your health. First, consider changing your routine by working outside, such as your patio, local park, or even hotel pool (we recommend one without the splashing kids). Second, reconsider the idea of mixing business with pleasure.

This summer, book a trip that will not only be beneficial to your mental wellbeing but also for your business. One place to consider for your first work and play trip is Hotel Riu Montego Bay. This beautiful, all-inclusive resort is the perfect getaway for the working entrepreneur. The hotel is adults-only, an added benefit for working, and sits along a private beach. Hotel Riu Montego Bay delivers culture, relaxation, and the perfect scene for working outside the office.

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