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Catch Those Flights, Your Mental Health Requires It...

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Certain aspects of life are beginning to return to pre-pandemic normalcy. However, part of our new normal is acknowledging the impact of a global health crisis on our mental and emotional state of mind.

While everyone experienced the pandemic differently, it is safe to say the overall experience took a toll on our mental health as a collective. Whether we were negatively affected by the isolation or took an emotional beating from being an “essential worker,” we are all learning to heal ourselves in the best way possible.

One of the greatest ways to take care of our mental health is to simply step away from the situation that causes us emotional harm. Traveling can have a positive influence on our daily consumption of negativity.

Here are four ways that traveling can have a positive impact on your mental health:

Broaden Your Horizons

As cliche as it may sound, traveling, especially to foreign countries, gives you a chance to gain perspective on your surroundings as well as yourself.

As a therapist, a travel consultant and avid traveler, I can attest that traveling is a great form of self-care. I find that being in a different environment allows one to reset and get grounded so that upon return they can hit the ground running.

During a stressful time, stepping away into a new environment can often boost your energy and even your brain function.

Breaking up Monotony

A common complaint during the pandemic, usually for those who worked from home was that every day felt the same. When your work environment is the same place you live, often you can find your days running together.

One way to break up your normal routine is by taking a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Discover what a 6 day trip of beautiful beaches, boat rides, and some nightlife can do for your mental health.

Boosting Creativity

For those working in a creative space or an industry that relies on constantly producing new ideas, traveling is a great way to break a creative block.

Exposing yourself to new cultures, languages, and food is a great way to break through a mental block and not only boost creativity but also your problem-solving skills.

Stress Relief

Stress is one of the most common reasons for the breakdown of mental and physical health. Taking a vacation allows you to physically remove yourself from a stressful environment and focus on yourself.

Avoid bringing the stress with you, like work, and allow yourself to submerge yourself in an enjoyable experience. Traveling allows you to recharge and refocus; therefore, helping you better prepare for the obstacles that may be waiting for you at home or work.

We are all trying to return back to some level of normalcy but putting our mental health on the back burner should not be a returning concept.

While every life stressor can’t be avoided, we should normalize putting stress on the back burner if only for the length of time for a six-day, Colombian getaway.

Join me along with my friends this December 2021 getaway – let’s emerge into the culture, unwind and #CreateMemories.

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